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Dental Restorations in San Leandro - Full Mouth Reconstruction, Bondings & More

Because tooth damage varies, Woo Family Dentistry in San Leandro offers many restorative options to repair your dentition. Tooth restoration will restore the integrity of your bite, relieve any pain associated with the tooth and give it a natural look to blend in with your smile. Dr. Ronald Woo is a restorative dentist in San Leandro who creates treatment plans using the least intrusive procedure to improve the function and aesthetics of your dentition.

Dr. Woo combines advanced restorative technologies and methods with cosmetic results when fixing your teeth. After a thorough exam of your oral health, Dr. Woo will discuss the diagnosis and describe the types of restorative treatments which best suit your situation. With this information, you are prepared to make the most informed decision regarding your treatment. Your treatment plan may involve one or more dental visits depending on the chosen dental restoration plan. Dr. Woo creates an individualized plan to rebuild your tooth and restore oral health.

Woo Family Dentistry offers cosmetic restorations including:

Tooth Colored Fillings - Our natural looking fillings will restore your tooth after decay is removed and will blend in with neighboring teeth for a seamless smile.

Inlays and Onlays - These conservative restorations are used when the damage is more than a filing can correct and will save the healthy portions of the tooth.

Crowns - Severe decay or damage to a tooth will jeopardize your bite. A crown procedure will rid the problem areas and protect the remaining tooth and root.

Tooth Bonding - This minimally invasive procedure can rebuild, reshape, and restore a natural bite.

Porcelain Veneers - Thin coats of porcelain are used to improve your smile and give you a better bite. Veneers are strong and can be an alternative to orthodontia within your smile zone.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

When your oral health has been compromised by more than one dental condition, Dr. Woo will create a unique treatment plan that involves more than one dental procedure. Each procedure is coordinated to rebuild your oral health in the least intrusive way with the most cosmetic results. Dr. Woo will fully examine your mouth and discuss the care needed so you can make the best decisions about your dental care plan. Root canals, extractions and gum disease treatment may be included in a full mouth reconstruction plan as needed to procure optimum results.

If you have one or more damaged teeth, it is important to restore its health before the condition worsens. Woo Family Dentistry offers cosmetic restorations and full mouth treatment plans to restore the integrity of your dentition with aesthetic results. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Woo and you’ll be one step closer to a healthier smile.

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